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We Have Your Management Solution!!

Freedom Management Solutions LLC



Do you own income residential or commercial real estate property? We can help you get your freedom back and allow you the comfort of knowing your property is generating income, being well-maintained, and all financial and maintenance aspects are being handled and available for your review at a moments notice. We provide management and maintenance for residential / commercial income generating real estate properties for property owners throughout the surrounding areas. See a list of our many services below:

State License:

  • Licensed Property Manager

Type of Properties:

  • Residential - Single Family Homes/ Plexes
  • Commercial - Office Space/Retail

Collect Rents:

  • Collect first months rent and security deposits
  • Collect monthly rents during the entire term of the lease
  • Process evictions, as needed, at cost of legal services
  • Computer based accounting system for recordkeeping
  • We do not get paid unless you get paid

Financial Management:

  • Provide monthly itemized statements (includes all rent collected plus costs/receipts for maintenance)
  • Prepare Applications and Lease
  • Tenant rules and regulations for your property
  • Provide year end statements
  • Payments of Mortgage and Insurance may be provided by request
  • $50 initial setup fee for new clients

Maintain Property:

  • Regular inspections of property
  • 24 hour emergency number
  • Recommended maintenance staff available if needed

Screen and Aquire Tenants:

  • Solicit, acquire and screen all prospective tenants. Credit checks, rental history, references, employment records, background checks.

Please contact our office to discuss your management solution that will work best for you and your needs and to cover the reasonable fees associated with such services. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with the service we offer for your management solution.

Thanks for Your Consideration of Freedom Management Solutions LLC!!!